This way you can save money on streaming services

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This way you can save money on streaming services

People used to only have Netflix, but now there are so many films and series on so many different streaming services that many Dutch households have more. But that also means that you have to pay a few euros up to 15 euros every month to continue using it. With these tips you can keep your costs for streaming services nice and low.

Share your account

It is not allowed with every streaming service, but of course there is plenty of account sharing. It is not for nothing that Netflix wants to do something about it. It’s not that far yet, so for now the best way to enjoy streaming services is to share an account with others and ask them to transfer half, a third or a quarter of the subscription fee to you each month. That way, both of you can enjoy the streaming service equally for the same amount of money. You can create your own profiles everywhere, so you won’t get the bad series of your friend/family member/colleague in your recommendations. Perfect.

Schedule it

Of course you never watch all streaming services at the same time. Maybe you only want Disney+ if it shows a Star Wars series or Marvel series: no problem, because you can often just schedule that. Then you take a month or two of Disney + to follow or watch everything you like and then you can say goodbye to the streaming service for a few months. Some people are way too loyal and don’t, but there’s a reason to cancel every month for a reason.

Take advantage of trial periods

You have the option of using a trial subscription with many streaming services. It is therefore smart to change every now and then. Some streaming services even give you a free trial period after cancellation. Sometimes you can watch everything you wanted to see during that trial period and that obviously saves you a lot of money. Plus, if you share an account with someone, you can also ask that person to take out a trial subscription. You can also use different email addresses for your trial period, although many streaming services check whether your bank account and address do not match. Mind you, this isn’t the fanciest way to go about streaming services.

Consider an annual subscription

This means that you cannot cancel monthly, but if you know that you really want to use the streaming service all year round, it is best to opt for an annual subscription. You get a lot of discount with many streaming services. Disney + saves you 18 euros per year if you take out an annual subscription. But, to be fair, if you really want to save money, you don’t take a streaming service all year round. Unless you really watch a lot, and also want to watch everything when it’s out (for example because of spoilers on social media). In line with this, also check when a new streaming service starts: HBO Max and SkyShowtime both offered half-price subscriptions (as long as you don’t cancel) in their first weeks.

Check your provider

Not many people know, but many ISPs offer subscriptions to certain streaming services, and there are often big discounts on those. So be sure to call your provider to see what the possibilities are. Often not all streaming services are available and you may have to purchase it for a certain period of time, so check that carefully before agreeing to anything.

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