This way you can make your home more sustainable in an instant

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Now that we know how high energy prices can become, many more people are trying to keep the heat inside. How do we ensure that our house stays warm and that no heat escapes to the outside? You can easily make your home more sustainable, without the need for all kinds of major renovations. This is how.


Before we start talking about the possibilities, it is good to know that there are several grants exist to help you with this. Some municipalities also offer packages that allow you to clean your home quickly and smartly to become more sustainable, containing a brush letterbox, brushes for the bottom of the door and radiator foil. Those are already three good methods to make a quick profit and keep the cold outside, plus the heat inside. But of course there is more.

From 2026, all houses that are fitted with a new high-efficiency boiler must also immediately receive a heat pump. A heat pump ensures that, for example, groundwater is used to generate electricity. But a new high-efficiency boiler alone can make huge savings: 15 years ago, high-efficiency boilers were considerably less efficient than they are now.

Fast solutions

Another good idea is to invest in smart gadgets. That is for several reasons. A smart gadget can give you insights that help you adjust your behavior. For example, if you see in the app of your smart thermostat that that one hour that you suddenly turn your thermostat up 5 degrees in the evening, what the costs are, you can decide to turn it down a degree and perhaps get to that temperature a bit earlier. knob to make it pleasant for several hours, instead of one hour of boiling hot.

There are also, for example, smart lamps that you can turn off from a distance. Once you have arrived at the office, if you are unsure whether you have left the lights on, you can still do so manually. In addition, smart lamps are always LED lamps, which means that they are much more economical than incandescent or halogen lamps, if you still have them in your home.

Another way to make your home more sustainable is by installing radiator fans. It sounds contradictory, but what that fan does is blow the heat from your radiator back into the room. This keeps the heat do not hang too much near your heating, but it is gently blown into the room to make it more pleasant in the house. You can buy them for a few tenners and install them yourself in no time. Making a house more sustainable sounds like a lot of hassle, and expensive hassle too, but it doesn’t have to be.

Insulate house

You can of course take a very rigorous approach to making your home more sustainable if you want and immediately opt for greater insulation options. For example, you can insulate your cavity wall to ensure that the cold does not quickly come in from the outside and the heat in turn does not go outside. You can also ensure that less cold is drawn from the ground by providing your crawl space with insulating shells. And have you thought about your glass yet? If you opt for double glazing or, for example, HR++ windows, this often makes a huge difference: the windows are the place where most cold problems arise.

Do you need money to make your home more sustainable? Then you can opt for a loan via Becam. Although these are sometimes large investments, you can also save a lot of money with them. You can even earn money back by insulating, because you don’t have to heat up your house as much. Not sure if it makes financial sense? Please read the information from it Nibud.

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