This podcast sheds new light on the Kennedy assassination plot

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60 years after John’s murder. F. Kennedy

This podcast sheds new light on the Kennedy assassination plot

There is no shortage of conspiracy theories in America, from Aliens and 9/11, to the assassination of JFK. But from the latter there are new indications of a possible role of the CIA in the assassination of American President John F. Kennedy, which will be exactly 60 years ago on November 22. This can be heard in the new podcast series ‘JFK: the missing link’.

JFK: the missing link

Journalists Babs Assink and Lammert de Bruin, known for The Butler Murder, Penoza in the Countryside, The Showbizz Murder and The Secret of Colonel Parker, create the podcast for AVROTROS and NPO Listen. In this six-part podcast series they continue an extensive investigation into the assassination of JFK.

The investigation was started by the Dutch journalist Willem Oltmans. In it, a friend of Lee Harvey Oswald, the designated perpetrator of the assassination of President Kennedy, confessed to Oltmans that he had been involved in the murder. Assink and De Bruin discovered in recently made public documents from the American government that this man was involved with the CIA. It strengthens the suspicion It has been known for some time that people within the CIA may have been involved in the assassination of Kennedy.


No one was ever convicted of this murder because the suspected shooter, Lee Harvey Oswald, was murdered two days after Kennedy himself. According to the Warren Commission, which officially investigated JFK’s assassination, Oswald acted alone. But a House of Representatives investigative committee determined in 1979 that there was a second shooter and a conspiracy.

Confidential CIA document

One of the witnesses for this committee was Willem Oltmans. He was heard because the Texan-Russian oil baron George de Mohrenschildt confessed to him shortly before his death that he had given Oswald instructions for the assassination. Throughout his life, De Mohrenschildt always denied having ties to the CIA. But a confidential CIA document, which was made public last December under American President Biden, shows that a ‘security check’ was carried out on De Mohrenschildt in 1957, a standard procedure for people with whom the CIA wanted to do business.

De Mohrenschildt

Assink and De Bruin found several witness statements from people who say they knew De Mohrenschildt as a CIA agent under a different name. “De Mohrenschildt is a crucial person. Once we fully understand his role in this story, we will likely know the truth about whether there was a conspiracy to assassinate the president,” said former CIA Head of Operations Europe Rolf Mowatt-Larssen in the podcast ‘JFK: the missing link’.


In the podcast, Assink and De Bruin track down the now 88-year-old American journalist Edward J. Epstein in America, who spoke with him extensively for an entire morning until an hour before De Mohrenschildt’s sudden death. And to find out more about the seemingly strange friendship between the rich De Mohrenschildt and the poor Lee Harvey Oswald, they meet a friend of Oswald, 82-year-old Paul Gregory, who has not wanted to talk about the case for 59 years. speak. They also visit 91-year-old Ruth Paine in the US, landlady of Lee and Marina Oswald and their two children at the time of the murder. And in Dallas a curious meeting takes place with Marina Oswald, who has not spoken to the press for twenty years.

The six-part AVROTROS podcast series ‘JFK: the missing link’ will appear in its entirety today, Monday November 13, on NPO Listen.

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