This is what: Steering Committee on Nutritional Intervention Eating Disorders (VIE)

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Dietitians inform each other about their collaborations in the section “This does:…”. In this edition, Rena Braams introduces the Steering Group VIE (Nutrition Intervention Eating Disorders), which will soon become a real association. The establishment and first theme meeting about ARFID will take place on 12 May. Registration for this is still possible.

Are you also part of a working group, regional team, intervision group, network or another extramural partnership? And do you also want to show other dietitians what you do and achieve together? Then register

Here Rena introduces her steering group:

Visibility and indispensability

In 1998, a group of dieticians, working within the eating disorders specialization, joined forces and the VIE Steering Group was created. Initially to discuss complicated cases, to hold intervisions and to ensure the visibility and indispensability of the dietician in the treatment of eating disorders. Over the next 25 years, the steering group developed brochures aimed at nutritional education for people with eating disorders and we co-wrote new treatment guidelines. The steering group also developed and organized the postgraduate courses “Treatment of Eating Disorders” and “Eating Disorders in Young People”.


Our spearheads are seeking cooperation with other disciplines and giving visibility to what the dietician’s expertise can mean for them. Through active participation in the discussions at national level (substantiated by both practice and evidence), VIE has been able to firmly establish the role of the dietitian over the years. The number of dieticians who join VIE and participate in the closed LinkedIn group continues to grow.

Increase in eating disorders

In times of corona, a significant growth was observed in the number of people with an eating disorder. The severity also seems to be getting worse. As a result, primary care dietitians are seeing more and more people with eating disorders. The demand for post-HBO training has increased as a result. As a steering group, we are increasingly being asked to think along, to contribute to writing and to actively participate in this social problem.

Creation of an association

We are now on the eve of the establishment of an association for dietitians with the specific expertise of nutrition and eating disorders. The aim of the association is to improve the quality of care provided to patients with nutrition and eating disorders by dieticians and to improve the position of the dietician in the multidisciplinary treatment team. The association also offers a platform for dietitians with this specific expertise, promotes their interests within the health care sector and promotes expertise through the 2 aforementioned post-HBO courses.

ALV and theme meeting

On May 12, the intended board will introduce itself to its future members in the first general meeting of members. We will also announce the new name of the association. In addition to an ALV, the focus of this first theme meeting is on the nutritional disorder ARFID. More and more dietitians in both the specialized 2e and 3e line care, but also in the 1e line deal with patients requiring treatment for ARFID. prof. Dr. Sandra Mulkens and dietician Linda Hover, both working at Maastricht UMC+, will guide those present during the meeting in the treatment of children and adults with diagnosed ARFID.


Do you also see more and more people with an eating disorder and do you want to learn more about this? Do you want to propagate your specific expertise within the multidisciplinary team in which you work? Do you care about your own professional development and that of your fellow dietitians? Then join our association as a member and come to the theme meeting on May 12th!
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