These charging tricks for your iPhone actually don’t work at all (and this one does)

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There are many tips and tricks floating around the internet to charge your iPhone battery faster. But there are also plenty that don’t actually work at all. Turn off your internet and Bluetooth, for example? That makes little difference.

Who doesn’t know that feeling that when your smartphone battery is empty, it seems as if ‘life stands still for a moment’? There’s even a name for the fear of leaving your house when your smartphone battery has less than 20 percent charge. That’s called battery anxiety. According to a study that Metro previously wrote about, a third of Dutch people suffer from it.

And then tips to save your percentages at the top right of the screen come in handy. The British newspaper The Sun lists a number of tips that you should not pay attention to and also writes which tricks do work.

First of all, it makes little difference whether WiFi or Bluetooth is on or off. Those functions consume little energy on phones. “In fact, a device consumes more battery from 4G and 5G than from WiFi. When WiFi is disabled, it will resort to the mobile network instead.”

If you actually want to save the phone’s battery, it is better to switch on airplane mode to block all connections.

Forcefully closing apps is also not necessarily a battery-saving measure. It can save energy, but it is wise to first check in the settings whether the app is a heavy battery drain. Not all apps use a lot of energy.

Disabling those light apps will make little difference to the battery life. In fact, constantly closing and restarting an app that you often use consumes more energy than leaving it on in the background. Consider, for example, apps such as WhatsApp and Instagram, which you might be better off leaving alone.

And while it may have been useful to let old telephones drain completely before charging them, this is no longer applicable, writes the British newspaper. With modern batteries from Apple, among others, short charges are sometimes even more useful. These ensure that the battery power remains ‘up to standard’.

Which battery saving tips do work?

Apple shares four tips for iPhone users to ensure that your phone does not run out of power so quickly.

  • An up-to-date iPhone – Apple’s updates also include improvements to the software that extend battery life. That is why the iPhone manufacturer always recommends downloading the latest version of iOS on the phone.
  • Energy saving mode – For those looking for a quick solution: iPhones have a handy feature that ensures that certain tasks are turned off in the background, which extends battery life.
  • Screen brightness – Another quick fix: dim the screen brightness. A bright screen is one of the biggest battery drainers.
  • Location Services – Turn off your location in the settings.

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