These are the best commercials from Super Bowl 2024

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These are the best commercials from Super Bowl 2024

The 2024 Super Bowl did not disappoint. A great halftime show by Usher and lots of stars, a glimpse of Taylor Swift and a lot of celebrities who are once again making commercial efforts to buy their next million-dollar mansion. These are the best commercials from Super Bowl 2024.

Beyoncé on Verizon

Beyoncé managed to break the internet many years ago when she dropped her most legendary album Lemonade out of the blue and Verizon is responding to that. She gets her own Lemonade stand, there’s an AI-Beyonce, a Barbie parody, she’s even a kind of president… And above all: she actually announced new music that will be released on March 29.

J Lo at Dunkin’ Donuts

J Lo and Ben Affleck have been together for a while and after J Lo appeared in Ben Affleck’s commercial, it is now the other way around. Ben Affleck has created a boy band of sorts, The Dun-Kings, and J Lo wonders why.

Jennifer Aniston in Uber Eats

We already knew that Victoria Beckham has a ‘thing’ with Uber Eats, but in the advertising for the platform during the Super Bowl they added many more celebrities: Jennifer Aniston, Jelly Roll and Usher for example.

Christopher Walken in BMW

BMW has roped in legendary actor Christopher Walken for its commercial, where he has to deal with all kinds of people who constantly imitate him. Baristas, dog walkers: he just can’t get away from it. With a role for Usher at the end, who seems to have the same thing with his song Yeah.

Cardi B at NYX

The new advertisement for NYX is a video in which Cardi B puts the new lip plumper on the map, where she mainly wants to indicate that it makes your lips bigger, and not what other people (read: young men) hope for. Very suggestive and you just have to dare to do it in conservative America…

Bradley Cooper at T-Mobile

T-Mobile just wanted all the stars in their commercial this year, so they decided to make an audition commercial in which we see Laura Dern playing guitar, Jason Momoa and Zach Braff getting laughs and Bradley Cooper bringing his mother along.

PostMalone in Bud Light

Post Malone shows himself in the Bud Light commercial, in which a genie grants people their wishes and makes the party complete. Includes T-Rex.

Chris Pratt in Pringles

“You look like the Pringles guy” is said by a bored cashier to Christ Pratt, who, not entirely coincidentally, wants to buy a tube of the potato chips. Chris Pratt is a crowd favorite and he also knows how to make people laugh in this commercial.

Scarlett Johansson in M&M’s

This year M&M’s did not think about the winners, but about the near-winners, with their Ring of Comfort. Scarjo is also participating, because he has already had to endure some Oscar snubs. It’s a very far-fetched show if you look at the product M&M’s, but that doesn’t matter for the Super Bowl.

Patrick Stewart on Paramount Plus

Patrick Stewart can be seen together with various acquaintances from Paramount Plus series in the advertising of the streaming service. Arnold has to put up with it, because he is thrown into the ‘mountain of entertainment’ by Stewart.

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