These are 6 indispensable appliances for the real home chef

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Are you a real fan of cooking? Do you prefer to spend all day in the kitchen testing your latest recipes? Then you’ve come to the right place. We discuss the appliances that a real home chef cannot do without. From a sous-vide machine to a versatile food processor. With these machines you take a new culinary path. Read on and complete the kitchen with these six indispensable appliances!

A classic: the modern deep fryer

First of all, of course, the deep fryer; a guilty pleasure for many. You can bake the tastiest bitterballen and the crispiest fries (or do you say fries?) in this. The deep fryer keeps snacks the crispiest: something we all want, of course. Modern versions of the deep fryer, such as the air fryer, use hot air instead of oil. This ensures that you have to use less fat and can still prepare crispy snacks. In addition to the well-known snacks, you can make the tastiest recipes here. You can have the tastiest mini pizzas or a delicious frittata on the table in no time!

The extractor hood for a fresh kitchen

A home chef cannot do without a good extractor hood. This is really essential in the kitchen. Above all, it prevents odors, fumes and grease from spreading in your kitchen and thus your home. It also keeps the room clean and hygienic. Many people are quickly annoyed by the sound of an extractor hood. Fortunately, the latest models are quieter and more efficient than ever. This way you can work calmly and cleanly with your latest recipes!

The sous-vide machine for the most culinary dishes

This device is for the home chef who really wants to take her dishes to the next level. With the sous-vide machine you can package food, such as meat, fish or vegetables, in a vacuum bag. The machine cooks it at a controlled temperature, which ensures even cooking. This allows you to retain the juices and flavors. This allows you to make the perfect tender steaks or the tastiest fish dishes. This way you can easily bring star restaurant quality into your home and surprise your friends and family with the most amazing dishes!

Efficient slow cooker: the perfect appliance for the busy chef

For the busiest home cooks, a slow cooker is the invention of the century. Before you leave home, put the ingredients in the pan. It cooks them during the day, and then when you get home from a long day at work, the food is ready. This device is especially useful for cooking stews and soups, but also slowly cooked meat. This ensures that the flavors and nutrients are retained and you are also more economical. Ideal for the busy chef who wants to put delicious dishes on the table in the evening!

The versatile food processor you can always count on

An appliance that is always there for you is the food processor. You can use this for kneading dough, cutting vegetables or chopping nuts. This of course saves you a lot of time and effort. The food processor is an invention for difficult recipes. Most models come with all kinds of attachments and settings, making this versatile machine very useful for a lot of jobs in the kitchen!

The coffee machine with barista quality

Finally, complete the kitchen with a high-quality coffee machine. For many, their day only really starts after a nice cup of coffee, and with a barista-worthy device you can enjoy the most delicious homemade creations every day. Imagine starting every day with a quick espresso or a creamy cappuccino. Most modern appliances come with features such as strength adjustment or a milk frother. This makes making the perfect cup of coffee easier than ever, and you will enjoy it even more than ever!

For those who want to take their kitchen skills to the next level, these appliances are a must. The most modern inventions make it easier than ever. So, invite all your friends and surprise them with the tastiest dishes.

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