The wonderful world of WhatsApp beta

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We recently wrote about the WhatsApp Web beta version. This version enables all kinds of new functions, but at the same time it is still in a testing phase. It’s not called beta for nothing…

BUT! So there are always cooler options. For example, they recently introduced a split screen version, which makes it possible to scroll between multiple chats on your tablet, laptop or foldable, without leaving your current chat! Super handy for the fast chatters among us. How exactly does this work? We explain it to you in this article.

WhatsApp web layout

It used to be that a chat filled the entire screen. So you had to go back to the chat list to switch. That will soon be a thing of the past! The split screen version allows you to switch between chats without going back to the chat overview list.

In practice, this means that you see your chats on the left, while you can keep chatting on the right side of your screen. This way you can browse multiple chats at the same time, while you don’t have to leave your current conversation. This is especially super useful for tablets, as you have a much larger screen to work with.

Also for foldables

We also heard that this WhatsApp beta version will be accessible for foldables. Since more and more foldables are being sold, apps are also increasingly specializing in them. It is not yet clear when this beta version will be available to a wider audience.

Do you also want to use WhatsApp beta? Check the most recent Android update in the Play Store. If you can’t find this update, it’s probably because you don’t have access to the beta program yet. This is because it is popular and is often full.

All kinds of possibilities

If you don’t really have an idea how to use the split screen version, we’d like to give you some examples.

How cool is it when you’re texting with a friend about a school assignment and at the same time can search through your other chats for what you agreed with your mother again? … While at the same time checking your overview list to see if your boyfriend has already answered something.

“The sky is the limit” with this handy feature! And if all goes well, it will soon be accessible to the wider public.

Useful facts

Ok, just a quick summary of what you need to know about WhatsApp beta and the split screen feature:

  1. Who can use the split view?
  • Currently it is only suitable for WhatsApp Android beta users.
  1. How can users use the split view feature on WhatsApp?
  • Users can access it if they install the latest WhatsApp Android beta update on their device. If it’s not available yet, you’ll have to wait for a future update.
  1. Which testers will receive the new version of WhatsApp Beta?
  • This only happens from beta version Not every tester will receive that version, so it may take a while before it is available. A screenshot shows that the list of conversations and the content of the selected conversation are displayed at the same time. This is a much more efficient way of displaying information than just the conversation list or just the content of a conversation.
  1. How does WhatsApp work on tablets?
  • WhatsApp on tablets is not a standalone application. It functions just like WhatsApp Web, but in the form of an app instead of a web page. Registration with a QR code is therefore necessary for the app to work.
  1. When is the release date for this functionality?
  • WhatsApp has not yet announced when this functionality will be available to the general public. But that probably won’t be for very long, since it is already available on the beta version.

Did you know that…

As you probably already know, WhatsApp has had a web app version for ages. However, it only worked if your phone was also connected to WiFi/4G or 5G. This is of course old-fashioned, because recently you can also use WhatsApp web on multiple devices at the same time, even if your phone is not connected to the internet. Handy if your phone is off, but you still want to text someone!

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