‘The whole shop has to go, blow with that thing’

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On Wednesday, the Public Prosecution Service demanded more than two years in prison against the 36-year-old RO from Woudrichem for ordering the shooting of a tattoo parlor in Alphen aan den Rijn. In the background, there was an argument between members of the Bandidos motorcycle club and Rebel Crew.

On June 15, 2022, at night in the Julianastraat in Alphen aan den Rijn, the front door of a tattoo shop was shot at with two bullets. The shooter, a 30-year-old man from Maasdijk, was sentenced in November 2022 to fifteen months in prison, three of which were conditional, but there was no link between the shooter and the victim.


Until the victim heard that items from the Bandidos motorcycle club had been found with the shooter. Suddenly the penny dropped: the tattoo shop owner still knew someone with whom he used to be in the Rebel Crew motorcycle club, but who had left with a fight a year and a half before the shooting and switched to Bandidos. That turned out to be a good acquaintance of the shooter.

‘Just simple bang bang bang’

Investigation into that 36-year-old man from Woudrichem confirmed, according to the OM, that he had had a fight with the owner of the tattoo shop in the past. Now that someone new wanted to join Bandidos, RO knew of a job with which the newcomer could prove himself. ‘I’ll let him do a tattoo business, get the 500 from me […] The whole shop has to go, blow with that thing […] Just simple bang bang bang bang bang bang bang, away, loesoe, goodbye.’


The public prosecutor is demanding 26 months in prison against RO as the client for the attack and emphasizes that the shooting was a ‘very intimidating threat with a major impact on the victim and the local residents’. The Public Prosecution Service: ‘The negligence with which the suspect devises the plan and has it carried out, for the paltry sum of 500 euros, says enough.’

The court will rule in a week and a half.

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