The unknown possibilities of printing tape

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Tape printing is a common method of sealing and identifying boxes and packages during shipping. But did you know that there are many more possibilities with printed tape than just adding a logo or company name? In this article we explore the possibilities of tape printing.

Custom designs

Printing tape can be custom made for any business. The design can be adapted to the specific wishes and needs of the company, from colors to fonts to images. This allows the tape to be not only functional but also become a marketing tool to promote the brand.

Anti-counterfeit capabilities

Printed tape can also be used as an anti-counterfeiting agent. The use of special inks and designs makes the tape difficult to counterfeit, increasing the security of the package and reducing the risk of fraud.

Temperature sensitive tape

Temperature sensitive tape is a new development in the tape industry. This type of tape changes color when exposed to a certain temperature, making it an effective way to verify that the package has been kept at the correct temperature during shipment.

Tape with QR codes

QR codes are increasingly used for tracking and tracing products. By adding a QR code to the printed tape, the recipient can easily request information about the package, such as the shipping date and location of the package.


Printing tape offers more possibilities than just adding a logo or company name. By using custom designs, anti-counterfeiting capabilities, temperature-sensitive tape and tape with QR codes, the tape can be functional while contributing to the branding and security of the company. It’s time to explore the unknown possibilities of tape printing. Discover what it can do for your company.

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