The House of Representatives wants an extra week for group 8 progression test because of carnival Yesterday, 9:28 PM in Regional news, Domestic, Politics, Criticism has previously been expressed about the test period, because it partly coincides with carnival.

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Primary schools in carnival regions such as North Brabant and Limburg should be given an extra week of leeway to administer the progression test in group 8. This is what a majority of the House of Representatives wants.

Outgoing education minister Mariëlle Paul, like her predecessor Dennis Wiersma, does not want to adjust the planning for the time being because of carnival. If Paul does not respond to this request, the MPs want to hold her accountable in a debate.

The planned date of the new advancement test has been under discussion in Brabant and Limburg for months. The test, which will be administered from next year instead of the primary education final test (formerly Cito test), is scheduled for the first weeks of February. The test week coincides with the carnival period, which starts on February 11 and in schools usually on February 9.

Minister does not want to move the test

Municipalities, schools and carnival associations have been asking for the advancement test to be moved for some time. The week before carnival is usually filled with activities inside and outside the school. This request was first rejected by former education minister Wiersma, who stated that schools have the space to administer the test before the start date.

The tests must be taken between February 5 and 16 and, according to the minister, the test can also be taken before carnival. Current Minister Paul also maintains that the advancement test does not need to be moved.

A parliamentary majority of D66, CDA, SP, PVV, GroenLinks and BBB now wants Paul to give schools in the carnival regions not two, but three weeks for the dream flow test.

If Paul does not respond to the House of Representatives’ request again, the MPs will consider requesting a so-called interpellation debate. This is a debate in which MPs call a minister to account for a decision or statement. During the debate, MPs can still urgently request the minister in a motion to adjust the assessment period.

‘Lack of knowledge above the rivers’

Ad Koopman, chairman of the Brabant Carnival Federation, tells Omroep Brabant that he is happy with the MPs’ request. “It is very nice that the House is standing up for our cultural-historical heritage in primary schools.”

According to Koopman, a lot is usually organized in the week before carnival. “Villages and municipalities with a youth council have many activities, often at schools. And there are also many schools that organize all kinds of things themselves,” he explains.

The celebrations also differ from village to village and from school to school. “Some schools have indicated that they will solve the problem with the test, but others say they find it very difficult,” says the chairman. “We all celebrate the same thing in Brabant, but we all do it slightly differently.”

Koopman is not surprised that Paul is sticking to the schedule. “It is a lack of knowledge above the rivers. They know the date of the carnival there, but do not realize what else is involved.”

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