The first legal E-scooter in the Netherlands: UrbMob Kick&Go

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The first legal E-scooter in the Netherlands: UrbMob Kick&Go

You increasingly see people (especially young people) passing by on the streets with an e-scooter in the Netherlands. E-scooters are already available in large numbers. But unfortunately, you often run the risk of a fine. Or worse. Because based on the current regulations, the police can fine you or even confiscate the e-scooter.

New regulations in this regard are definitely on the way. But until then, there are legal ways to get on the road. The government itself clearly indicates that e-scooters with pedal assistance are allowed on the road.

And that brings us to PRO-mounts, one of the leading players in the field of new and smart mobility. They recently have the UrbMob Kick&Go announced, the very first legal E-scooter (with pedal assistance) in the Netherlands. And because it is legal, you can also insure it.

With this development, UrbMob enables Dutch people to navigate through the city in an environmentally friendly and efficient way. The UrbMob Kick&Go is therefore a new breakthrough in the Dutch mobility industry, because this E-scooter is the first in the Netherlands that is Allowed on the public road.

E-scooter with pedal assistance

The pedal assistance ensures that an e-scooter can legally hit the road with current regulations.

Pedal support with the UrbMob Kick&Go means that as a preparer you have to take a firm step every 8 seconds to activate the scooter again. You will immediately feel the moment when this is necessary, regardless of which mode you are driving in. And it will certainly take some time to get used to how to do this step correctly in the beginning. So you will certainly have to take several steps in the beginning. But once you have mastered it, you can still enjoy this legal e-scooter. An additional advantage of taking the extra step is that you are still a bit active, instead of standing still on the scooter. The rules for the UrbMob Kick&Go are also comparable to the rules that apply to E-bikes.

With the introduction of the UrbMob Kick&Go, people can move easily and quickly through cities without the constraints of traffic congestion and without having a negative impact on the environment. We understand the need for practical and legal mobility solutions, for example for commuting or getting around the city. We are therefore very proud that the UrbMob Kick&Go meets this need. In addition, the Kick&Go is the only E-scooter that can be insured for the WAM (motor vehicle legal liability).

– Mike Reed of PRO Mounts.


and go
And go

UrbMob Kick&Go

What further distinguishes the UrbMob Kick&Go are its functionalities. It has a powerful 250W motor, which means the E-scooter continues to drive for 8 seconds after the rider has pushed off with his foot. It has a total of 4 different modes. Mode 1 is driving at walking pace at 6 km/h until mode 4 where you go 25 kilometers per hour.

The e-scooters are often a last-mile product. For example, park your car just outside the step, and then cover the last 1.5 km with the e-scooter. The UrbMob Kick&Go is therefore designed with portability and convenience in mind. It weighs only 11 kg and its collapsible design makes it easy to take with you on public transport or in the car.

The standing surface is equipped with a silicone anti-slip mat for maximum grip. Reflectors on the side and LED front and rear lights ensure that you are clearly visible in the dark. There is no helmet requirement for the E-scooter and you ride on the cycle path just like with an electric bicycle. There is also room on the rear fender for an insurance plate.

The UrbMob Kick&GO E-scooter also has 8.5″ honeycomb tires that offer extreme strength and cannot be punctured.

Which we should mention here, but that actually applies to all e-scooters. If it is really pouring heavily outside, and that sometimes happens in the Netherlands, it is still advisable not to use the scooter to prevent water damage.

UrbMob kick
The QR code on the back is for the police officer, if you are stopped you will see here that this scooter is legal.

The first insurance

Although the UrbMob Kick&Go falls under the same legislation as an E-bike, the E-scooter is not insured in the same way. Bokhorst Insurance has developed a solution in collaboration with PRO-mounts. They have launched an affordable insurance policy for the Kick&Go 100% legal E-scooter that guarantees the necessary liability coverage.

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