The Dutch rate King Willem-Alexander with a 6.6 12:11 in the Netherlands, Royal Máxima receives an average of 7.1, according to a survey commissioned by the NOS. In 2020 that was still an 8.

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King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima have their photo taken during a visit to the ENKA artificial silk factory
Budget Day 2023
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The Dutch rate King Willem-Alexander on average with a 6.6 and Queen Máxima with a 7.1. This is evident from a survey commissioned by the NOS, carried out by Ipsos.

Willem-Alexander’s figure is fairly stable compared to the 6.5 on King’s Day earlier this year. There has been a decline in recent years.

The survey is usually conducted before King’s Day, but this year was also carried out in the run-up to Budget Day.

The grade that Máxima receives decreases. The Dutch rate her with a 7.1. On King’s Day that was a 7.3. In 2020 that was still an 8.

The report marks of Willem-Alexander and Máxima

Young people aged 16 to 34 give Willem-Alexander and Máxima a slightly lower average score than older people aged 55 and older. The older generation gives them a 6.7 and a 7.3 respectively, the younger generation a 6.4 and a 7.

The respondents were also asked about their preference for the form of government in the Netherlands: a monarchy with a king or a republic with an elected president as head of state. A monarchy remains by far the most popular.

Of those surveyed, 50 percent want the Netherlands to remain a monarchy and 26 percent want the Netherlands to become a republic. On King’s Day that was 55 percent to 24 percent.

At the inauguration of King Willem-Alexander ten years ago this year, almost 80 percent of Dutch people were in favor of the monarchy.

This question also shows a clear difference between the older and younger generations. People aged 55 and over have a clear preference for the current form of government; 51 percent want to keep the monarchy. Young people are more divided; 39 percent support the monarchy and 34 percent want a republic.

The research also shows that confidence in Willem-Alexander as king has never been so low. At the same time, the number of respondents who have a lot of confidence in him (38 percent) is still greater than the number who have little confidence in him (21 percent). Confidence in the king is lowest among young people aged 18 to 34.

According to the researchers, trust in institutions is currently generally very low. This may partly explain why people now have less confidence in the royal family.

Confidence in Willem-Alexander and Máxima
  • No recovery of confidence in King Willem-Alexander yet after a sharp decline in corona years
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