The confidence of Dutch people in sustainability is not going well

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Tony Chocolonely still at number one

The confidence of Dutch people in sustainability is not going well

According to the latest data from the Sustainable Brand Index, Dutch people’s confidence in the sustainability of companies has now reached a low point. In the survey, Tony Chocolonely once again scores as the most sustainable choice.

This annual index reveals Dutch people’s perception of sustainability in business, and this year the results show a sharper decline than ever before. Consumers are becoming increasingly critical due to political, economic and social changes, as well as the growing awareness of greenwashing. Authenticity, transparency and taking responsibility have become crucial for the Dutch consumer.

Biggest drop ever, partly due to vague sustainability claims

What’s new in 2024? The average score in the SBI rankings has fallen from 74% to 54%, the largest decline ever recorded. Companies can no longer get away with vague sustainability claims without substantial substantiation.

The Dutch now look more broadly at sustainability, paying attention to social, economic and safety aspects, and not just the environment. Personal experiences and reliable sources such as academic reports play a role in this.

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Although 71% of Dutch consumers find sustainability important, they also have other priorities, such as war, climate change and public health. These concerns, along with economic pressure and fear of greenwashing, make consumers reluctant to pay more for sustainable products.

Fortunately, this critical attitude partly stems from a greater interest in sustainability, which offers companies the opportunity to show more transparency and become more sustainable.

The top 20 of the Sustainable Brand Index

The full ranking includes quite a few newcomers, including EkoPlaza, Ben & Jerry’s and L’Oréal Paris, in addition to the undisputed #1 Tony Chocolonely. The companies below are seen as the most sustainable choices by Dutch people.

  1. Tony’s Chocolonely
  2. Ekoplaza
  3. The Vegetarian Butcher
  4. Dopper
  5. Greenchoice
  6. IKEA
  7. Sunnatura
  8. NS
  9. HEMA
  10. Dill & Chamomile
  11. ANWB
  12. ASN Bank
  13. Oatly
  14. The Body Shop
  15. Alpro
  16. marketplace
  17. Dairy farm
  18. Weleda
  19. Vivera
  20. Lidl

Tony Chocolonely is proud to be at #1 again. Country manager Frits Snel: “This shows that consumers believe in the importance of sustainable entrepreneurship. We hope to inspire other chocolate companies to also implement sustainability as a core value in their business operations.”

Header image: copyright: Gerd Altmann op Pixabay

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