​The advantages and disadvantages of a kerosene heater

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​The advantages and disadvantages of a kerosene heater

You are probably familiar with the wood-burning stove, but it creates a lot of unhealthy air in and around your home. Time to invest in a new stove. You can consider a kerosene heater: this is a heater that runs on kerosene/petroleum. It quickly provides a lot of heat in the house.

You won’t find a kerosene heater everywhere, you can use them for example buy online at petroleumkachel.nl. However, there is something you need to know before we dive into the pros and cons: the differences. There are laser heaters, wick heaters and facade heaters, which mainly differ in timers and thermostats. One is actually more modern than the other, but basically the operation is the same.

Advantage: you heat your house quickly

Most stoves take some time to heat up, but that does not apply to this one. Especially now that it has suddenly switched from autumnal rain in December to winter cold in January, it is nice to be able to heat the house quickly. With this heater it is possible and that means that you do not have to invest in all kinds of smart options for heating at home: if you come back from a walk on the beach nickel-plated, you can warm yourself and your living room in no time with this type of heater.

Disadvantage: you use fossil fuel

Just as airplanes fly on kerosene and that is not very environmentally friendly, the same applies to the kerosene heater. At least: it is true that you burn fossil fuel and that has emissions. However, it is not the case that petroleum is very bad for your health if you use the heater properly and ventilate it well. You should also not swallow it directly, but you should avoid doing so anyway: then there is less to get heat from.

Advantage: you can use little fuel for a very long time

However, you can use that fuel for a very long time. If you have 20 liters of kerosene, you can use it to burn for up to 100 hours. This means that this is ultimately a fairly economical stove. You also get a high efficiency from it, making it relatively cheap to use once you have purchased the heater.

Disadvantage: it is not odorless

It is not the case that your entire house smells of petroleum, but you do use a fuel that simply has a noticeable odor. You probably smell it a little, so you notice that the room where the stove is located has a different smell than the other rooms in the house. Modern kerosene heaters are built in such a way that you should be bothered by the odor as little as possible, but it is never 100 percent odorless.

Advantage: can be used in all homes

Kerosene heaters are often used to provide heat for one room, especially if it does not have central heating. The advantage of a kerosene heater is that you can place it in any house: they come in many shapes and sizes, they fit in an old and a new house. Please note: new houses are often well insulated, so it often warms up even faster there.

Disadvantage: they are more expensive to purchase

A kerosene heater is approximately as expensive to purchase as a gas heater, which makes it a more expensive type than, for example, the electric heater or fan heater. You should think of a price of between 80 and 350 euros, although there are of course outliers.

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