The 60-year-old man from Geesteren demands an acquittal and compensation of 100,000 euros.

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The demonstration in the Zuiderpark in The Hague

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The shovel driver who drove through a police cordon in the Zuiderpark at the farmers’ protest in The Hague last Saturday, was on trial today in an accelerated court hearing for destruction, resistance with injury, assault and threats.

In turn, 60-year-old Johan R. from Geesteren demanded an acquittal and compensation of 100,000 euros, but no verdict was reached.

At the start of the case, R. asked the judge to identify himself. He refused, after which the shovel driver submitted his challenge request. When the court wanted to continue the hearing, the man repeated his request. The session was then adjourned.

The challenge chamber had to rule on the man’s request, which required three other judges. But they could not be found in the short term, after which the case was postponed.

Not authorized

R. could not count on much help from his lawyer during the hearing. It turned out that he had not authorized the lawyer to speak on his behalf, as became clear at the start of the hearing. According to RTV Oost, the lawyer took off his gown and watched the session from the room.

It is not clear when the case will continue. R. remains stuck.

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