Tesla must adapt hundreds of thousands of self-driving cars in the US

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An accident with a Tesla where the driver used ‘Autopilot’
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Tesla must perform a software update on about 363,000 cars in the United States. Until then, the cars are not allowed on the road with the self-driving function FSD, says the regulator. He intervened because the function increases the risk of accidents.

The technology enables cars to accelerate, steer, brake and change lanes independently. The functionality is currently being tested by Tesla drivers in the US. The regulator is now acting because of problems with the software that arise, for example, when passing intersections and when braking.

Due to the defect, the vehicles do not come to a complete stop at a stop sign, for example. The software also allows speed limits to be exceeded. This creates potentially dangerous situations, concludes the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, which monitors safety on American roads.

‘No recall’

These are cars with the so-called Full Self-Driving software, or FSD. According to Tesla, the problems can be fixed with software updates in the coming weeks. CEO Musk underlined on Twitter therefore, strictly speaking, this is not a recall.

The Tesla boss has long said that the vehicles are capable of driving independently and “probably function better” than a human driver. But Tesla itself consistently emphasizes that the driver must always remain attentive and be able to intervene when necessary. Drivers are explicitly instructed to keep their hands on the wheel at all times.

In the US, a criminal investigation is currently underway into claims by Tesla that the company’s cars could drive themselves. Justice started the investigation after dozens of accidents had taken place. That research also relates to the less advanced self-pilot systems, the so-called Autopilot systems. The Full Self-Driving feature has been tested by Tesla since 2021.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is currently investigating 41 accidents involving Teslas since 2016. 19 people died in those accidents, writes The New York Times.

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