Teenagers arrested in the vicinity of a Vlaardingen plumber’s home

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Teenagers arrested in the vicinity of a Vlaardingen plumber's home

Two boys aged 15 and 16 were arrested in the area of ​​Gretha Hofstralaan in Vlaardingen on Thursday night. According to the police, they had items with them that are used to commit attacks.

The 15-year-old boy from Rotterdam and the 16-year-old boy from Krimpen aan den IJssel were checked during the night. What the two had with them was seized by the police for investigation. The police do not report whether it concerns explosives and/or heavy fireworks. It is being investigated whether there is a connection with the series of explosions in Vlaardingen.

The pair are under restrictions, which means they are only allowed to have contact with a lawyer.


The police are continuously investigating the series of explosions and the background. Last year and this year, the house and several buildings of Vlaardingen plumber Ron van Uffelen were among the targets of attacks. Several suspects were arrested.

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