Tech companies to the White House to discuss AI risks

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The CEOs of Microsoft and OpenAI, among others, are today at the White House meeting on AI
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The CEOs of OpenAI, Google’s parent company Alphabet, Anthropic and Microsoft are at the White House today for a meeting about their responsibility in the development of AI (artificial intelligence). The foursome talk to Vice President Harris and other top officials.

The White House says the meeting is intended to discuss responsible and ethical innovation in artificial intelligence. A number of actions related to this theme are also announced.

For example, $ 140 million is being invested in the construction of seven AI research centers. It has also been agreed that large AI companies will open their models for a public inquiry during the annual hackers conference Defcon in August. The White House also announced that regulations are being worked on to ensure that the development of artificial intelligence proceeds in a safe manner.

EU regulations

The European Union has been working on legislation in this area for some time. In April 2021, the European Commission introduced the so-called AI Act. This stipulates, among other things, that certain requirements are set for AI systems that are said to contain a high risk.

A European Parliament committee will vote on the matter next Thursday. After that, negotiations will start between the parliament and EU member states under the leadership of the European Commission.

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