Team leader IT & information manager – IT job in Netherlands

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Employer name, application deadline, working location, working hours per week, salary/wage, and education level requirement are as follows:

The North West Fryslân Service

Team leader IT & information manager

Apply no later than Sunday, April 21, 2024

  • Franeker
  • 32 – 36 hours

  • 4211 – 5997
  • HBO

Job offer

Thanks to you and your team, everyone has the right information everywhere at the right time: residents, employees and partners. This means that you keep your information management in good order. But even more importantly: you will take significant steps in the field of digitization of De Dienst in the near future. We can make even better and smarter use of the latest technologies and data. With a good balance between digital and social. It is one of your most important projects.

Creative, innovative and careful

It is of course useful that you know something about IT, but you are emphatically not an IT professional. You have a great understanding of business processes and information management. And you already have a lot of experience with that. You set the bar high: you are constantly working on how things can be smarter and better. You advise our management team on this and you come up with solid plans. You are innovative, creative and a go-getter: you ensure that the work gets done, by yourself or by others. Carefully and always with extra attention to information security. You have a lot of contact with our Shared Service Center of the municipality of Leeuwarden and other ICT suppliers.

Blind trust in a team packed with knowledge

You lead the IT team with about ten colleagues. In addition to an IT advisor, functional managers and data specialists, the security officer and data protection/privacy offering officer are also part of your team. It is a team packed with knowledge that you as a team leader can rely on blindly. You bear the final responsibility. You ensure that everything runs smoothly every day. And you enjoy managing and further developing a team. So that everyone can enjoy doing their job well based on their own talent and knowledge.

Would you like to know more first?

Our director Marius Jellema is happy to tell you more about this position. Call Marius on 0517-380 212. You are also welcome to drop by for a cup of coffee or tea! Would you like to know more about the procedure and our employment conditions? Team leader Margreet Veenma of internal affairs can tell you all about that. You can reach her on 0517-380 207.

How to apply for this vacancy?

  • Step 1:
    Respond before April 22, 2024

  • Step 2:
    Getting acquainted on April 25

  • Step 3:
    A second conversation

  • Step 4:
    Compile contract

  • Step 5:
    Declaration of conduct

  • Step 6:
    Glad you’re here!

Please let us know no later than April 21, 2024 that you would like this position. In a way that suits you. A letter or CV? May, not necessary.

A good match? Then we would like to meet you on April 25, 2024.

Do we both like it? Then we’ll talk to each other again soon.

Both enthusiastic? We make agreements with you about salary and employment conditions.

We find integrity important. That is why we ask for a Certificate of Good Conduct.

Welcome new colleague! We ensure a flying start at De Dienst.

We are The Service and this makes us special

One social service for the municipalities of Waadhoeke, Harlingen, Terschelling and Vlieland. For help and support with (independent) living, working and living. Serving all residents of these municipalities. We are there when life sometimes turns out differently than you want.

More information about this vacancy?

Contact Marius Jellema of De Dienst Noardwest Fryslân (

0517-380 212)

About the organization

more about De Dienst Noardwest Fryslân >


Eise Eisingastraat 8

8801KE Franeker

0517 380 200

This job is posted on Click here to apply.

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