Team Leader Information & Automation – IT job in Netherlands

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Employer name, application deadline, working location, working hours per week, salary/wage, and education level requirement are as follows:

Municipality of Veenendaal

Team Leader Information & Automation

Apply no later than Thursday, April 11, 2024

  • Veenendaal
  • 36 – 36 hours

  • 5008 – 6777
  • HBO · HBO+

Job offer

“Facilitate the information society. Will you join?”

Do you want to use your expertise for the digital growth of the municipality of Veenendaal? And ensure that we help our society move even further forward in this way? Then this position of team leader Information & Automation (I&A) at the municipality of Veenendaal is something for you.

ICT is indispensable in our daily lives. As a municipality, we must and want to participate in this. We already do this in various ways. This way, residents can apply for digital passports. And employees in our organization can work at any time and at any place because our information is available online. All developments bring opportunities, but also risks. The challenge for the I&A team is to deal with this in a good way. Led by an experienced team leader with knowledge of the field.

What are you going to do?

As a team leader, you motivate and guide the colleagues in your team. You offer them a helping hand so that they can grow every day as a person, but also as an employee. You are also the one who ensures that all digital matters run smoothly in our organization and for the residents of Veenendaal. The topics you can think about are information security, privacy, architecture, but also information management, data-driven working, data management and digitalization.

  • You are responsible for both the Information Provision and the Automation
  • You bring knowledge and experience in both fields
  • You are responsible for the daily management of the I&A team
  • You monitor developments within the team and ensure that everyone is and remains ready to go along with this
  • You are responsible for topics such as information security, security, architecture, functional management and user management, digitalization, process management, information management and business intelligence
  • You are ultimately responsible for supplier management from a management perspective
  • You are also the face of the team and interact with other team leaders in (staff) meetings and beyond

As an I&A team leader you have the following qualities

  • You are well informed of the important trends and developments in the field of ICT
  • You have leadership skills that inspire and enthuse people around you
  • You have strategic insight to develop a vision and translate it into relevant implementation issues
  • You are attracted to innovations and you see problems as challenges that can be adequately solved

Where will you work?

Team I&A consists of 45 people. Of these, 20 colleagues are permanent employees. The team is continuously working on maintaining the quality of our services. An important part of this is securing information and protecting personal data of the residents of Veenendaal.

The team works together on projects, has conversations with customers and handles notifications and changes. Important qualities are: making suggestions for improvement yourself, following processes and thinking creatively.

The team is currently in the transition from a management organization to a management organization. This means that we no longer carry out all tasks ourselves, but that they are carried out by the companies we work with. We are looking for a team leader who can and wants to contribute to this change. We would be happy to tell you more about it in a personal conversation.

What do we offer you?

First of all, a warm welcome to an informal organization with short lines, committed colleagues and a good working atmosphere. We offer you a position for 36 hours per week with a salary of a maximum of €6,777 gross per month (based on full-time – 36 hours – scale 12, Collective Labor Agreement for Municipalities). You will receive an employment contract for one year. If performance is good and there is enthusiasm from both sides, we will convert this agreement into an employment contract for an indefinite period.

In addition, we offer:

  • an Individual Choice Budget – combination of holiday pay, end-of-year bonus and extra-statutory leave – of approximately 17.05% of your gross salary in which you can make choices that suit your personal wishes and goals
  • pension accrual at ABP and the option to participate in collective health insurance
  • a job in an organization where there is plenty of room for learning and development (we have an online library with more than 150 training courses)
  • space to work independently of time and place (at home, at the office or on location), using a laptop and telephone

What are we asking?

  • You have at least HBO work and thinking level, preferably in a direction useful for this position
  • You have experience as a manager and can switch between helping, coaching and providing direction and you get energy from this
  • You can communicate perfectly, at different levels, and know how to get people on board with what is needed
  • You are familiar with the team’s areas of expertise. And with current developments in your field. You have an opinion about this and can think about it at a tactical and strategic level and translate that into implementation
  • You can pass on your knowledge and ideas to the people in your team
  • You like to help and you convey this within the team and the organization

This is the municipality of Veenendaal

Veenendaal is a medium-sized municipality with a central location, good accessibility and more dynamic than ever.

You will work in an organization that has many ambitions and in which you will be challenged to fully utilize and further develop your talents. Collaboration is one of our core values ​​and the lines of communication are short.

The organization has an open and informal atmosphere. You will be given a lot of space to carry out your work as a professional because we know that you are able to make the correct assessments. This also applies to the relationship between work and private life, you are given a lot of space to ensure that this is well balanced and that you can be where you are needed. Our good employment conditions and hybrid way of working (combination of working from home, at the office and on location) make this possible.

Are you excited?

Do you recognize yourself in the above description and are you enthusiastic? Then we would like to invite you to respond. You do this via our online application form. If a suitable candidate registers, we will immediately schedule an interview. Once we have hired a candidate, the vacancy goes offline. A declaration of conduct (VOG) is required for (new) employees.

Please contact us

Would you like to get an even better idea of ​​the position or application procedure? Please contact Ton Hazelhoff, our recruiter. He can be reached on telephone number 06 43 49 33 64 (also via WhatsApp).

More information about this vacancy?

Contact Ton Hazelhoff from the Municipality of Veenendaal (


About the organization

Veenendaal is more dynamic than ever. We are well on our way to 70,000 inhabitants. The city center is being renovated. A city of action and perseverance, a city with an enterprising and social character.

more about the Municipality of Veenendaal >


Raadhuisplein 1

3901 GA Veenendaal

0318 538538

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