‘Talent boxer got caught up in the environment of heavy boys’

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'Talent boxer got caught up in the environment of heavy boys'

There are serious suspicions of drug trafficking against kickboxer Mohammed J. from De Bosch. This was stated by the judiciary on Thursday in an interim session. His lawyer believes that there are too few indications for this.

To inform

With Mohammed J. it is not about ‘a few grams of cocaine’, but about substantial amounts. This was stated by the public prosecutor in the court of Den Bosch on Thursday morning. There was a video connection with the Glory boxer, from the prison in Roermond.

The Public Prosecution Service bases the suspicions against the Bossche boxer mainly on decrypted messages from his crypto phone. According to the Public Prosecution Service, the talented boxer would have ended up in an environment of ‘heavy boys’ and big money.

This is what the Brabants Dagblad reports on Thursday.

No clues

His lawyer Kuijpers determined that ‘not an ounce of drugs’ was found in the case and that only one Rolex was seized. ‘There are also no serious indications that Mohammed is into drugs. He doesn’t want his career to fizzle out. This criminal case is the fight of his life for Mohammed.’

J. was arrested in January of this year. On Thursday, the court saw sufficient reason to keep the boxer in custody, the newspaper writes on its website.

To face

In 2018, the kickboxer received convictions for involvement in two brawls. At a New Year’s party in Breda, J. assaulted three men under the influence of alcohol.

The second brawl was in the court of Den Bosch. There he and others attacked the suspect in the murder of his friend Yassine Majiti. J. received community service and a suspended prison sentence.


The detective has suspected for some time that J. has contacts in the criminal environment. In July 2021, a grenade exploded at J.’s father’s butcher shop in Den Bosch. On February 10, 2022, a hand grenade went off at the gym where Mohammed J. trains, in the Bossche district of Kruiskamp.

On social media, J. shared photos from Marbella and Dubai, where he was accompanied by rapper Lil ‘Kleine, among others.

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