Synthetic drug production sites busted up

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Eersel/Hooge Mierde – The criminal investigation department in the southeast of the East Brabant unit dismantled two locations that were set up for the production of synthetic drugs at the same time on Friday morning.

We found a drug lab in both a business premises at the Cigarenmaker in Eersel and in a garage at a house at De Stad in Hooge Mierde. There were boilers and jerry cans with chemicals, among other things. The raids in both buildings were made after information was obtained from another criminal investigation that synthetic drugs may have been produced there. Four people were present in the building in Eersel and were arrested. They are detained and their possible involvement in the drug lab is being investigated. These are men from Eersel (36), Veldhoven (47), Deurne (44) and Aarle-Rixtel (18). No one was present in Hooge Mierde.

Research LFO
A hazardous substances consultant came to the site to carry out a measurement in connection with the possible hazard. Both locations were then examined and dismantled by the National Facility Dismantling (LFO), the national police specialists in the field of drug labs. That process of investigation and dismantling takes many hours on average.

A drug production location entails very great dangers. For example, chemicals can ignite or explode and toxic substances can escape. The consequences of such an explosion or fire are often incalculable.

Report suspected drug lab
Do you suspect a production location in your area? Then call the police on 112. You can report anonymously to M. on 0800-7000. Report Crime Anonymously is separate from the police and reports can never be traced back to a reporter for police officers. For example, think of a strong chemical smell or suspicious activities in strange places and times. Everything about the signals and dangers of a drug lab in your area can be found on this special theme page of the police.

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