Swimming pools in the Canadian city of Edmonton allow topless swimming

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A swimming woman (illustrative)
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The municipal swimming pools in the Canadian city of Edmonton allow bare breasts. With this, the municipality wants to promote gender equality.

The decision was already taken last June, but Canadian media only picked it up this week. “We believe that our swimming guidelines should not discriminate on the basis of gender and that no one should be excluded,” said the municipal manager in an interview with CBC News.

Because men are allowed to walk around in the swimming pool with a bare upper body, women are now allowed to do so too. The City of Edmonton says in a statement to Global News that it understands that the idea may make some people uncomfortable, but that the city has an obligation to treat everyone equally in the city pools.

Gottingen and Barcelona

Last year, the German municipality of Göttingen took the same measure in all its swimming pools, albeit only on Saturdays and Sundays.

In Barcelona, ​​too, everyone is allowed to walk around a swimming pool topless, the city council announced in 2019 after complaints from the so-called ‘Free the Nipple’ movement. This movement campaigns internationally for the right to walk around with exposed nipples and to appear on social media.

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