‘Suspects of kidnapping 15-year-old boy at large’

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'Suspects of kidnapping 15-year-old boy at large'

All suspects in the kidnapping case in which a 15-year-old boy was kidnapped from a street in the Amsterdam district of De Pijp last January have been released until their cases are heard. The Amsterdam court decided this on Tuesday, Het Parool writes.


The suspects are five men and one woman, another female suspect has already been released.

The 15-year-old boy was pushed into a van in the early morning of Tuesday, January 10. Later that vehicle got stuck on the A27 near Groenekan and the boy was freed.

Local residents had noted the car’s license plate number.

Home robbery

According to the Public Prosecution Service, a home invasion at Minervaplein in Amsterdam South a few weeks earlier was the motive for the kidnapping. The victim is said to have been present at the home of a friend of the boys on December 18, 2022, together with a boyfriend. There, armed robbers stole approximately 2 tons of cash, expensive watches and bags. The boys were suspected by residents of working with the robbers.

The resident of the house on Minervalaan is said to have now fled abroad.

‘No risk of flight’

According to the court, there are no longer grounds for pre-trial detention. The suspicion is unlawful deprivation of liberty, punishable by a maximum of eight years in prison. According to the law, this does not constitute a shocked legal order. According to the court, there is also no risk of flight.

The suspects must adhere to a contact ban and an area ban and will be supervised by the Probation Service. In addition to personal circumstances, the court also takes into account that the case is not scheduled to be heard until February and March next year. The suspects then hear whether and how much punishment they will receive.

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