Suspects of drug trafficking and arson arrested

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The Hague – The police arrested seven people suspected of drug trafficking on Heeswijkplein in Moerwijk on Tuesday 9 and Wednesday 10 January. A number of them also appear to belong to a nuisance youth group.

After reports of nuisance and various criminal offenses since the beginning of 2023, the police started an investigation in June into the drug problem on Heeswijkplein and the surrounding area. This investigation led to the identification of a group of suspects involved in criminal activities.

Arrested suspects

On Tuesday, January 9, the first five men, including two 19-year-olds, were arrested in a home in Rijswijk. A significant amount of pellets of hard drugs was seized from one of the arrested men. Various types of drugs were also found and seized in the home. One of the people arrested is the resident.

On Wednesday, January 10, two other suspects were arrested: a 17-year-old from The Hague and a 15-year-old from Rijswijk.

Illegal acts

The criminal offenses were mainly committed around and near Heeswijkplein. Suspects were also arrested for an arson on Heeswijkplein on January 1, 2023.

The suspects are still in custody for questioning. The investigation does not rule out that more arrests will follow.

Prevention with Authority in Southwest

To reduce nuisance on the square and surrounding areas, the municipality, police and Public Prosecution Service work together in The Hague Southwest to keep young people away from crime. Since last year, the Prevention with Authority program has been running here, which sets boundaries and offers perspective to these young people.

Report (drug) nuisance

Groups of young people regularly cause nuisance and criminal activities on Heeswijkplein, such as drug trafficking. This damages the quality of life and safety. Drug trafficking also involves violence, of which residents are often the victims. If you suspect drug trafficking or experience nuisance from young people, report this to the police on 0900 – 8844. For anonymous reports, you can contact Report Crime Anoniem on 0800 – 7000.

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