Suspects of arson and school destruction arrested

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The Hague – The police arrested two boys aged 16 and 19 from The Hague on Tuesday, February 6, on suspicion of arson and vandalism at the Anne Frank primary school at Laagveen.

The school was set on fire around 3 a.m. on New Year’s Day. The fire brigade had to arrive on site to extinguish the fire. Vandalism appeared to have been committed in several rooms.

Windows violently smashed

The police then conducted an extensive investigation and examined camera images. Earlier that night, a window had already been smashed and a fireworks explosive thrown inside, which also caused fire damage. The window was sealed, but two hours later this and other windows were violently destroyed and the building set on fire.

Camera images and trace investigation

That same night, shortly after the report, four suspects were arrested in the area. They were released after interrogation, but remain suspects in the investigation. The camera images, trace investigation, witnesses and neighborhood research ultimately led to the two suspects who were arrested on Tuesday, February 6.

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