Suspected mistake now arrested in synthetic drug investigation (UPDATE)

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Last Thursday, René F. was arrested in Rotterdam on suspicion of involvement in the trade in synthetic drugs. F. is also suspected of ordering the murder in Berkel en Rodenrijs, where Rob Zweekhorst was accidentally shot dead on January 1, 2014 when he was walking his dog. Zweekhorst had mistakenly been mistaken for the target by the shooter.

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Eavesdropped conversation

The investigation into the 55-year-old Schiedammer recently received a new impulse because a threatened witness made a statement. According to his lawyer Ed Manders, it is not yet clear what exactly that statement means. There will be another hearing on this case before the coming summer at the court in Rotterdam. René F. has been released in the investigation. The case against another suspect in the murder investigation was dropped last month.

According to Manders, information received by the police in a tapped conversation in the investigation into the murder has led to the new suspicion.


The new investigation, for which F. has now been placed in pre-trial detention by the examining magistrate this week for fourteen days, revolves around supplying raw materials for the production of synthetic drugs in which F. would have been involved. In addition to F., another suspect has recently been arrested. Lawyer Manders says that trading the chemical substances that F. allegedly supplied is not an offense in itself because they are not prohibited.

The case has to do with the dismantling of two drug labs in the Eindhoven region on April 21. The police then dismantled active drug labs in Eersel and Hooge Mierde. Four suspects have already been arrested.

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