Suspected Colombian drug murder Bergen aan Zee liquidated in Macedonia

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Enes I. (28), one of the nine suspects in the Colombian drug murder in Bergen aan Zee, was liquidated in Macedonia on Monday 6 March. The Public Prosecution Service confirms this after questions from Crimesite. The criminal case against nine suspects in the kidnapping and murder of a 45-year-old Colombian will start before the court at Schiphol on Wednesday.

By Roel Janssen

Macedonian Enes I. was shot dead together with another criminal (Jeton K.) last Monday evening in a shisha bar in Skopje, the capital of Macedonia. In addition to the two deaths, six people were injured, according to Macedonian media. Four gunmen reportedly entered the bar wearing police uniforms and carrying automatic weapons. They pretended to be on a police raid and shot the victims in the head. Jeton K. was already the target of a liquidation attempt in 2019.

In the criminal case against Enes I. who was liquidated last week, the Public Prosecution Service will ask to be declared inadmissible. A ninth suspect is still on the run, but his criminal case will still be heard in court.

Start criminal case

On Wednesday, March 15, the criminal proceedings against nine men suspected of involvement in the kidnapping and murder of a 45-year-old Colombian, on February 16, 2021 in Bergen aan Zee, will start before the court at Schiphol.

Several men tried to kidnap the victim that day at the Van der Wijckplein in Bergen aan Zee, to which the Colombian man resisted. He was shot and died of his wounds a short time later.

Fake coke

The motive for the liquidation of the Colombian man may be the delivery of a batch of fake cocaine. Blocks of pressed powdered sugar were found in the victim’s car.

The police suspect that the victim was supplying cocaine. He had real cocaine tested and then handed over blocks of pressed powdered sugar. There would have been an argument about this in a house on the Zeeweg in Bergen. The victim was then shot at in a parking lot near the beach.


Six Colombians were arrested for the shooting in a hotel in Amsterdam, where 600,000 euros were also seized. This group is suspected of money laundering and illegal possession of weapons.

Investigations by the police and the Public Prosecution Service in North Holland revealed several suspects, eight of whom were arrested. A 28-year-old man from Assen is the only one still detained. The other seven suspects have previously been suspended by the court.

The Public Prosecution Service has set aside seven court days to deal with the criminal case. Sentencing in the case is scheduled for Wednesday, March 22.

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