Suspect Zwijndrecht longer detained, 30,000 euros paid to two tipsters "came up with information that turned out to be very valuable to the research team".

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Emergency services at the mall where the shooting took place
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The suspect in the deadly shooting in Zwijndrecht will be detained for ninety days longer. The court has decided this today, the Public Prosecution Service reports.

The 49-year-old man is suspected of shooting his 38-year-old ex-girlfriend and her mother in the parking lot of a shopping center in Zwijndrecht on January 21. The mother (66) was killed; her daughter was seriously injured.

The Special Interventions Service arrested the suspect a few weeks later in Schiedam. Information about the incident and the fugitive suspect was requested, among other things, in the program Opsporing Requested. A reward of 30,000 euros was also offered for the golden tip that would lead to his location.

‘Very valuable’

The OM now says that the reward will be paid to two tipsters, because they “came up with information that turned out to be very valuable to the investigation team”. The tipsters both get a share of the reward.

The investigation by the police and the Public Prosecution Service is still ongoing. According to the Public Prosecution Service, the main focus is now on how the suspect could remain a fugitive for a number of weeks and who helped him with this.

Get money

In order to arrest the man, the Rotterdam detective department deployed observation teams, among other things. Telephones were also tapped and many camera images were viewed. The day after the shooting, a search notice was also shared with his name, a photo and description.

Eventually, Minh Nghia V. was arrested when he was alone in a car. To prevent him from driving away, his tires were shot.

According to his lawyer, V. deeply regrets the shooting. The fact that he was a fugitive for a few weeks after his act is said to have been because he was collecting money for his ex-girlfriend, whom he had seriously injured in the incident.

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