Suspect of assault comes forward after reports on social media

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Vleuten – On October 1, 2023, a 40-year-old woman was grabbed by her throat by a man at the Zuiderburcht in Vleuten. Thanks to a call for witnesses on social media, the suspect came forward.

The victim was on her way to the Zuiderburcht in her car around a quarter to nine in the evening. She was on her way to pick up her daughter. From the Moersbergen, the woman crossed the Vleuterweide bus lane. Here she crossed the Dassenburcht with the outer castles. There is a man with a pram on the pavement to the woman’s right. The woman has priority and then drives into the parking lot at the Zuiderburcht.

When the woman gets out of her car, she sees the man hurriedly waving. It looked like he needed help. The woman walks up to the man and he immediately asked if she was the driver of the Peugeot. The woman then indicates that it was indeed her, after which the man indicates that he was hit by her. This while the woman had not hit the man at all.

The suspect immediately grabs the woman’s throat with his hand and squeezes her throat for some time.

Last January 31 and February 7, images were shown on social media and in the regional investigation program Bureau Hengeveld. As a result, a 46-year-old suspect from Vleuten came forward.

Reporting helps
Reports and tips are indispensable in tackling crime. That is why the readers of X and Facebook are so important, as are the viewers of local investigation programs such as Bureau Hengeveld. The information reported can be that missing piece of the puzzle that can solve a case. Suspects are regularly arrested thanks to reports from alert citizens. Do you suspect that something is not right in your area? Do you recognize a suspect or do you think you recognize someone? Report it to the police via 0900-8844. Would you rather report anonymously? Then call 0800-7000 or go to

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