Suspect Leerdam arrested for large-scale production and trafficking of drugs

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Leerdam – After an intensive investigation by the detective into narcotics, a 56-year-old man from Leerdam was arrested on Tuesday morning. He is suspected of large-scale production, trade and transport of (synthetic) drugs, mainly ketamine and cocaine.

A police arrest team arrested the man early in the morning in the house on Fonteinstraat in Leerdam. At the same time, searches took place in an apartment with commercial spaces underneath, also in Fonteinstraat. A drug dog was used in this search, among other things. The buildings are located in the center of the city. A quantity of drugs, raw materials to make drugs and a large number of telephones were found.

Financial investigation is still ongoing

The police had been targeting the suspect since 2020 since the decrypted Encro and Sky reporting. Thousands of chat messages have been researched and analyzed. This led to the suspicion that the suspect was involved in the large-scale production of ketamine and the trade and transport of ketamine and presumably also cocaine.

‘From the analysis of the thousands of chat messages, it was possible to identify the suspect as a user in both message servers. He is suspected of producing ketamine, dealing drugs and arranging the transports,’ says an involved detective from the Maarssen district criminal investigation department.

Local residents reported to the community police officer the lack of trade and walking in the business premises. There was hardly any patronage. With the arrest, the police also want to indicate to local residents that their unrest is being taken seriously.

Subversive crime undermines our rule of law. When carrying out illegal activities, criminals use help from the above world. Because of this mixing between the underworld and the upper world, you can come into contact with subversive crime. As a result, you run the risk of being confronted with nuisance, but also with intimidation, extortion and violence. Subversion undermines the rule of law and endangers the security of society.

Help and report
Anyone can be confronted with subversive crime. Do you see, hear or smell danger? Report it. Always. Call 112 if every second counts and 0900-8844 if not an emergency, but the police. You can also report anonymously via Meld Misdaad Anoniem, call tel 0800-7000.

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