Suspect in three shootings arrested

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Waalwijk, Tilburg, Amsterdam – A suspect of three shootings was lifted from his bed early Monday morning. He is the third suspect in the case to be arrested. Last November, two other suspects were arrested. They are suspected of giving the order for the three shootings. The suspect arrested today is suspected of having played a coordinating role. He was in close contact with the perpetrators of the shelling.

It started on May 17, 2020 with the shooting at a house on James Ensorstraat in Waalwijk. The neighborhood was startled by loud bangs around 1:50 am. The residents of the house saw nothing unusual at that time, but that changed the next morning in daylight. At that moment it became clear that several impacts could be seen in the facade of the house. Neighbors also found several shell casings lying on the ground. An automatic firearm was found in the vicinity of the house.

On June 4, 2020, a car was shot at around 3:17 p.m. in the van Mierisstraat in Tilburg. The occupants, a man and his 9-year-old daughter, were not injured. A hole about 1 cm in size was later found in the driver’s door of the car.

On June 7 of the same year at around 2:47 am, shots were heard on the Korvelseweg in Tilburg. The residents were startled by loud bangs and glass shattering. Bullet impacts were indeed found in the building on Korvelseweg. Parked cars were also damaged, presumably by bullets. In the investigation into the shooting, the police found an automatic firearm on the public road in the vicinity of the Korvelseweg a short time later.

Sky hack
The investigation that led to the disclosure of messages on the criminal chat app Sky in 2021 provided information about these three shootings. This led to 2 arrests of suspected clients last year. This information led the restarted investigation team this spring to the trail of this 28-year-old Zaandammer and possibly several suspects. The investigation is continuing.

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