Suspect from a house on Jan van Galenstraat arrested after months

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Utrecht – On Monday, September 4, 2023, a woman was robbed in her home around 6:45 am. The detective did not give up on the investigation and it was successful. On Thursday, February 1, they arrested a 35-year-old Utrechter.

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In the early morning, a special police team entered a home in Houten. Based on information and lengthy investigation, the suspect is said to be in a home there.

DNA hit leads to suspect
Forensics arrived on the scene immediately after the robbery and took DNA samples and secured traces. Some leads eventually led to a suspect.

Special unit enters home
When the detectives received information that the suspect would be in a house in Houten, they decided to seize the opportunity and enter the house. The special police team did this on Thursday, February 1, and with success. The 35-year-old Utrechter was in the attic, after which he was arrested. He has now been interrogated and brought before the examining magistrate, who ruled that the man will remain in custody for at least 14 days.

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