Suspect arrested in Poland for projection on Anne Frank House

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Screenshot of the projection
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In Poland, a man was arrested on suspicion of involvement in the projected texts on the Anne Frank House on February 6 this year. It is not a Dutchman, let the police know. He would have left for Poland immediately after the projection.

Yesterday, a delegation from the Amsterdam detective team traveled to Poland. He was present during the arrest of the suspect and the search of his home. A decision will be made later about the surrender of the man to the Netherlands, the police said.

In February, a text was projected on the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam suggesting that she would not have written her diary herself. “Anne Frank inventor of the ballpoint pen”, was projected on the monument. Footage from the projection was circulated in a video shared on Telegram.

The NOS has viewed the images of the projection. An anti-Semitic song is played below the video.

News of the projection sparked outrage. Mayor Halsema called the texts “pure anti-Semitism” and “an attack on Anne Frank’s legacy” in a reaction. “I am shocked and furious at this cowardly, reprehensible act,” the mayor said.

“I hope that the perpetrators will be tracked down soon,” said Halsema. “The memory of Anne Frank must not be tarnished by the appalling malice of extremists.”

Justice Minister Yesilgöz called the projection “disgusting and appalling”. Before the start of the cabinet meeting, she said that there is no room for Jew-hatred in the Netherlands. “Anyone who thinks they can get away with this is seriously wrong.” Yesilgöz then reiterated that she is working on a proposal to ban Holocaust denial.

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