Suspect arrested in investigation into death of Johan van Boxtel

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Eindhoven/Geldrop – The police arrested a 35-year-old man from Geldrop on September 11 around 3 p.m. The man is suspected of involvement in the murder of Johan van Boxtel in 2017. The police do not rule out that this investigation will lead to more arrests.

Some time ago, the police received new information in the investigation into the murder of the then 32-year-old Van Boxtel. The Eindhove resident was shot dead on Sunday, May 7, 2017 on Memlincstraat. The new information turned out to be so tangible that the investigation, which was no longer active at the time, was revived and a special investigation team was put together. This Large-Scale Investigation Team (TGO) has now achieved results. This afternoon a 35-year-old man from Geldrop was arrested.
The police take into account that the reason for the shooting must be sought in the criminal environment.

Second suspect
As can be seen from the images from that evening, at least two people were probably involved in the murder of Johan van Boxtel. We assume that the suspect now arrested is one of them. The police are also conducting an intensive investigation into the second suspect and possible other people involved and do not rule out that this investigation will lead to more arrests.

Public help
As the police and the judiciary, we want nothing more than to solve this crime. That is why we are once again appealing to the public. We hope that after all this time there are people who still have information that can help us and that they would still like to report it. The smallest details can help us. You can report completely anonymously via Report Crime Anonymous (MMA) or one of the other methods below.

Investigation Requested
The murder of Johan van Boxtel was some time ago and we understand that some things may have faded into the background in your memory. In July 2018, extensive attention was paid to the murder in Opsporing Verzocht. You can watch the broadcast in question here.

We understand that there may be many questions about the murder and the current investigation. However, in the interest of the investigation, we cannot provide any further information about this.

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