Suspect arrested after shooting at Landsmeer (UPDATE)

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The police have arrested a suspect after a shooting near Landsmeer on Wednesday morning. She is still looking for more perpetrators. Shots were fired from two cars in the incident.


Around 11.30 am there was shooting at a gas station at the exit of the A10, near Landsmeer. Police arrested a suspect after the incident. She is looking for one or more perpetrators, reports the city channel AT5.

Police cordoned off the area around the gas station for an investigation. Sniffer dogs were used for this. A helicopter also circled over the crime scene.


After the shooting, one or more people involved fled in the direction of Amsterdam-Noord. The police have been looking for the perpetrators around the Hulstweg with many officers. The area was also cordoned off. A car has been seized.

Two cars were said to be present at the shooting, which then drove away, a police spokesperson reports to the Amsterdam newspaper Het Parool: “Possibly shots were fired back and forth, but that must be determined by further investigation.”

For the time being, no injuries are known, although according to the spokesperson not all those involved are yet known to the police.

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