Supporters of former Pakistani prime minister clash with police in court Supporters camped out at his home.

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Khan’s supporters surround his car as he leaves for court
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Supporters of former Prime Minister Khan clashed with police in Pakistan’s capital Islamabad. Khan should have stood trial there today to answer for gifts he received while in office and allegedly resold illegally. The popular opposition politician himself says that his political opponents want to silence him.

International news agencies write that Khan was unable to enter the court due to the chaos. His hearing was subsequently canceled by a judge. The court did confirm his presence.

Khan’s supporters threw stones and used tear gas in clashes with officers, according to Islamabad police. Some 4,000 security and anti-terror units are currently active in the city. Heavy containers and large trucks were used to prevent further unrest.

It is not the first time that dissatisfaction with the lawsuit has turned into violence. Before Khan’s arrival in Islamabad, supporters also clashed with police in Lahore at the home of the 70-year-old former prime minister. He had holed up there, saying he expected to be arrested if he went to Islamabad. He would also fear an attempt on his life.

Skirmishes at Khan’s house

Supporters tried to avoid arrest and camped out for days at the home of the cricket legend, who was deposed in April last year after a lost vote of confidence in parliament. He had previously lost the support of the powerful Pakistani army, but still enjoys the support of many Pakistanis.

Khan supporters clashed with police this morning. According to the police and the Interior Ministry, the officers were there to remove the barricades around Khan’s house. Batons were found among the supporters. After some time, someone allegedly opened fire from the roof of Khan’s house, on which the police used tear gas.

At least 61 people have been arrested at the home of Khan, who himself was on his way to Islamabad. During his trip to the capital, Khan said in a video message that police had broken into his home while his wife was home alone. According to the Ministry of the Interior, this was not the case.

On his way to court, Khan talks about a plot against him, while the police carry out an action around his house:

“They want to imprison me so I can’t participate in elections”

Khan told Reuters that he has set up a committee that could replace him as leader of his Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) party if necessary after his arrest. “Whether I’m in jail or not, they won’t be able to stop my party winning,” Khan said ahead of elections later this year.

The cricketing legend was shot in the leg late last year by an unknown gunman. Khan holds the government responsible for the attack. Speaking to Reuters, he again said his life is in danger, and that his political opponents and the military want to prevent him from running for office later this year.

“My life is in even more danger than it was then,” the popular opposition politician told Reuters, referring to the attack in November last year. He said he feared the consequences of an assassination attempt or his arrest. “I have a feeling there would be a very strong reaction to that, all over Pakistan.”

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