Supermarket robbery, police looking for witnesses

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The Hague – On Wednesday, November 8, a robbery took place at a supermarket on Oudemansstraat. The police are investigating the incident and would like to contact witnesses.

On Wednesday evening around 6:00 PM, a man is smoking in front of the supermarket on Oudemanstraat. He asks the store employee if he has any cigarettes. The employee indicates that he does not have this. The man walks away, but then comes back. This time he walks into the store and threatens with a possible firearm. The robber then pushes the employee away and takes money from the cash register. He ran off with the loot towards Reinwardtstraat.


The robber is a man between 30 and 40 years old, around 1.90 meters tall and with a light complexion. This man was wearing a black jacket with a large hood and black shoes with three white stripes and a white sole from the Adidas brand.

Witnesses wanted

Did you see or hear anything in the vicinity of Oudemansstraat in The Hague on Wednesday, November 8 around 6:00 PM? Or do you have other information that could be important in the investigation? Then the police would like to contact you via 0900-8844. Would you rather remain anonymous? Report Crime Anonymously 0800-7000.

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