‘Sudanese-Dutch man kidnapped in Sudan’ 16:41 in Binnenland , Buitenland The man, whose name is Yaslam Al-Tayeb, has diabetes and needs medication. His Dutch wife and children with whom he lives in London fear for his life.

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A Dutch man of Sudanese descent has been kidnapped by the RSF paramilitary group, according to his family. The family has been unable to contact the man for a week, De Telegraaf reports.

The man, whose name is Yaslam Al-Tayeb, suffers from diabetes and needs medication. According to his wife Janette Hoeksema, he was on a business trip in Sudan when the violence broke out and he was unable to leave the country.

When he wanted to go to a shop after four days with the doorman of his stay in Khartoum, he was taken away by armed men of the RSF. The porter was released, De Telegraaf reports. Since then, nothing has been heard from Al-Tayeb.

“Every hour that this lasts longer, the situation becomes more serious. In addition to the fact that the RSF has committed war crimes before, my husband also did not have his tablets for type 2 diabetes with him when he was arrested,” says Hoeksema.

Consular Affairs

According to the family, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has indicated in an email that it is not possible to provide consular assistance because the embassy in Khartoum is closed and the employees have been evacuated.

A spokesman for consular affairs reports that the case is known to the ministry, but that no further announcements are made in the interest of it.

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