Sturgeon steps down as Prime Minister of Scotland: ‘Very difficult for me’

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Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon
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Nicola Sturgeon steps down as Prime Minister of Scotland after eight years. She announced this at a press conference in Edinburgh.

Sturgeon, also the leader of the Scottish Nationalists (SNP), said she debated the decision for a long time, but finally felt it was time to make way for someone else. “This was a very difficult decision. The only way to do this job is to give absolutely everything of yourself. But if I’m being honest, you can only keep something like this for a certain amount of time. It’s threatening to take too long for me now .”

Longest-serving prime minister

Sturgeon is Scotland’s longest-serving Prime Minister and the first woman to hold this position. She will retire when a successor is appointed. According to the BBC, the party will vote on it next month. Incidentally, Sturgeon did say he would remain active in politics.

“By making room for someone else, I am leaving the SNP free to choose the path the party believes is the right one.”

The SNP is fighting for secession from the United Kingdom. In 2014, a majority of Scots still voted against independence, but the call for a new vote has become louder since the Brexit referendum in 2016.

Fight with London

British Prime Minister Cameron agreed in 2014 to a Scottish referendum, on the condition that the issue would be voted on only once per generation. That is why London to this day does not allow the Scots to organize another referendum.

They are not allowed to do so without permission from London, the Supreme Court ruled in November. Sturgeon says that despite those events, she believes she brought the country closer to independence during her reign.

Last month, the Scots were again at odds with the British government, but this time over a transgender law. This should make it easier for people aged 16 and older to legally change their gender.

The British government has vetoed that Scottish law for the very first time. Sturgeon then announced that he would strongly oppose that decision. Today she said her resignation has nothing to do with things that happened recently.

  • Supreme Court: Scotland should not hold a referendum on independence
  • Frustration among transgender people about blocking Scottish transgender law by London
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