Stroll writes off Aston Martin: ‘I had to stop at the weighbridge’

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Stroll writes off Aston Martin: 'I had to stop at the weighbridge'

More and more, Aston Martin feels like a one-man team. While Fernando Alonso managed to regain his spot in Q3, Lance Stroll only had the doctor’s car behind him on the starting grid at the race start. This time the Canadian had a very original excuse to explain that as number twenty he also completely wrote off his car.

Leader Alonso may start seventh in Singapore, where he was victorious twice, albeit once under very controversial circumstances. ‘I’m feeling good. I think the round was good. “I also told the team that it would be very difficult to improve on this lap, even if I keep driving laps all night,” Alonso is happy with his own performance. ‘I was very happy with the lap itself, but two tenths extra could of course have made a big difference in terms of position. It seems like we had a bit more of a tough time today. We weren’t that competitive in the third free practice. We adjusted some things to the car for qualifying, but that was clearly not enough,” the Spaniard told

The 42-year-old veteran hopes to benefit from the absence of the Red Bull Racing drivers in the top ten in the race. ‘Absolute. It will be an interesting race for everyone. We have to optimize our chances now that the Red Bulls are not in front of us. There are a number of fast cars: the Mercedes, the Ferraris, and Lando (Norris, ed.) so we are about where we should be,” Alonso indicates that he sees few opportunities to overtake many cars in front of him .’

Stroll slowest and crashes

While Alonso performed well again, the same cannot be said for Stroll. The Canadian was already last when he completely destroyed his car. At, the 24-year-old already practiced the story that he can later use as an explanation to dad Stroll. ‘I had to stop at the weighbridge, so we went to the back of the line. I then had to overtake many cars to be able to complete my lap. We didn’t really improve on that last lap because of the bad out lap. So I went all out in the last corner to make up time. I had a car two seconds in front of me, and that was bad for aerodynamics.’

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