Statement Vierhoek about incidents around NAC-Willem II

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Breda – This is a joint statement from the quadrangle (Municipality of Breda – NAC – Police and OM) Strike derby NAC – Willem II

What should have been a nice evening at NAC with a great atmosphere action, was unfortunately marred by a number of visitors in the Rat Verlegh Stadium. Prior to the game, fireworks already went wrong and after a temporary strike due to fireworks on the field, it was finally stopped permanently due to objects on the field.

It is deeply and deeply sad to see that despite all the attention that has been paid to supporter violence in recent weeks and the danger that this entails, a number of visitors thought it necessary tonight to set off fireworks and flares and throw objects. As a result, the match was finally abandoned.

Setting off fireworks under the huge canvas of the atmospheric action is completely idiotic and thoughtless. This has also caused burns to a number of supporters. The fact that the lighting also happened during a minute of silence emphasizes once again that this concerns a small group of people who have no heart for the club. This will not be tolerated. Fireworks have been intercepted at the door and a number of people have already been plucked from the stands during the evening.

With these actions, a small group of malicious people has deliberately put the Evening NAC of many benevolent supporters at risk and even endangered it.

We make every effort to identify the perpetrators, for example by carefully studying the camera images. This will undoubtedly have consequences, personally or collectively.

There is now a suspect in the picture who would be responsible for the incident that led to the final cessation of the game. We call on this person to report.

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