Spanish police: drug clan smuggled cocaine from the Netherlands to Morocco (VIDEO)

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The Spanish Guardia Civil has dismantled a criminal organization based in the provinces of Melilla, Barcelona and Granada that smuggled cocaine from the Netherlands to Morocco. In total, 21 people were arrested and almost 59 kilos of cocaine and 186 kilos of hashish were seized, as well as bank accounts worth more than 3.6 million euros.

The investigation began when police checked a car suspected of transporting and bringing in drugs through the port of Melilla, near Morocco. In the car, 15 kilos of very pure cocaine were discovered in a double floor in the trunk.

Fugitive Brothers

The criminal network, according to the investigative services, was led by two brothers, one based in Morocco and the other in Granada, who were fugitives from the Moroccan judicial authorities for leading a drug ring. The organization had two different splinter groups: one dedicated to the hash trade by sea from Morocco via fast or recreational boats.

The second bought cocaine in the Netherlands and Barcelona, ​​which was then sent to Morocco via Melilla. In this way, the criminal organization financed itself to buy cocaine with the profits made from the hashish trade in Morocco.

Cocaine lab

A total of 21 suspects have been arrested for crimes against public health, forgery of documents and membership of a criminal organization. Houses in Melilla, Granada, Martorell, Rubí, Terrasa and Gélida were raided. In Gélida (near Barcelona), a cocaine lab was dismantled and 43.7 kilos of coke and cash were seized.

The criminal organization bought vehicles and real estate that they put in the name of third parties in an attempt to outwit the police and judicial authorities.

3.6 million euros

49 bank accounts worth more than 3.6 million euros have been blocked and seized, of which more than half a million euros in cash. In addition, 38 vehicles, real estate worth 653,500 euros, numerous electronic equipment and mobile phones, raw materials and chemicals for drugs, 7 kilos of cocaine, 186 kilos of hashish and a taser were seized.

One of the brothers who led the organization from Granada used a variety of security measures and surrounded himself with bodyguards. After his arrest, it turned out that he used forged IDs.

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