Spain sighs under early heat, France prepares for forest fires Yesterday, 19:14 in Abroad The mercury is creeping towards 40 degrees in Spain. France wants wildfire fighters to be ready to take action on June 1.

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In Seville, a thermometer showed a temperature of 44 degrees yesterday
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An unusually early heat wave has gripped parts of Spain. In recent days, heat record after heat record has been broken in the center and south and it will only get warmer in the coming days. Temperatures of around 40 degrees are expected in the south for the weekend.

The National Weather Institute reports that the mercury reaches values ​​that Spaniards are used to in the summer. The cause is the dry, warm air from North Africa.

The high temperatures lead to full beaches, but worries dominate inland. Some farmers no longer want to sow vegetable and fruit crops because it is too dry. The price of Spanish olive oil has already risen considerably.

The Spanish government is turning to emergency funds from the European Union to support farmers and livestock farmers affected by the drought. In several regions, Spaniards are not allowed to water their gardens and wash their cars. They are also advised to seek shade.


Meanwhile, France is preparing for unusually early wildfires. Due to the dry winter, the soil is a lot drier than normal. The fire brigade therefore wants to be ready for forest fires on June 1, a month earlier than usual. “We have decided to leave all firefighting aircraft and ground troops on standby,” says a fire brigade manager.

In the middle of this month, the first major wildfire of this year raged in the Pyrenees. Hundreds of firefighters and rescue workers fought the fire in the municipalities of Cerbère and Banyuls-sur-mer.

First major forest fire of this year in French Pyrenees

Interior Minister Darmanin said France is facing an extremely tough summer, possibly as tough as last year. Some regions in the south of France have already introduced water-saving measures to prevent the drought from increasing further.

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