Sony presents many games for 2024 in State of Play

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Sony presents many games for 2024 in State of Play

A few times a year, Sony releases a major streaming video in which it shows everything that is coming in the coming period. Yesterday was the day, and although a lot had been leaked, there were also some surprises to report for PlayStation. This is what was widely announced.

Silent Hill: The Short Message comes as a surprise

Silent Hill PT was a kind of demo or mini-game that people thought was fantastic and The Short Message is a new experiment in that vein. This experience is now over and promises to give a wonderful, unpleasant feeling again. We warned you…

Judas is a new IP from the creator of BioShock

Not to be confused with the book about The Nose, because Judas is made by the man behind BioShock. Ken Levine is working on this first-person shooter, which is a new IP but really feels like a Ken Levine game. It is a very narrative game and in single player, which is always nice in a world that nowadays has a huge focus on multiplayer. It is still unknown when the game will come, not even if it will be 2024, but if it does come, it will be on PlayStation 5, PC and Xbox Series X.

Silent Hill 2 is getting the remake treatment

Silent Hill 2 is a horror classic and we’ve already seen some of it, but now we see a little more of what this remake will look like and what James Sunderland will face again. The game will be released on PC and PlayStation 5 in 2024. When is still a big question mark, but it already looks very good.

Stellar Blade will be released in April

Stellar Blade was supposed to arrive in 2023, but will come a little later: in April this year you can play the game that was once called Project Eve and has a kind of 3D anime-like look. In the game you have to watch Eve fight monsters in the hope of saving her fallen city of Xion. This Korean game should really show what PS5 has to offer.

Kojima’s Death Stranding sequel has a new trailer

We already saw on his X/Twitter that Hideo Kojima put together a trailer for Death Stranding 2, and now we can see it too. Death Stranding 2 is subtitled On the Beach and the adventures of Sam Fragile continue here. There is also a strange doll involved. This game will not be released in 2024, but in 2025. Sony is therefore also looking a little further into the future.

PHYSINT is a new Kojima experiment

However, Kojima is not only working on Death Stranding, but also on a new action-spy game called PHYSINT. It should be a kind of middle ground between games and films. Exciting, because in the past gamers often complain that there is not enough to do in cinematic games. Hideo will certainly change that.

Zenless Zone Zero is coming to PlayStation 5

Fancy a bit of action? The people behind Genshin Impact are releasing Zenless Zone Zero on PlayStation 5.

Dave the Diver appears on PlayStation 4 and 5

Fishing is a hobby for many and the funny-looking Dave the Diver is a popular game, because you don’t have to get up early or pull a mutilated fish from a hook. Plus, how often do you encounter Godzilla while fishing? Dave the Diver will be released in May on PlayStation 4 and 5. Expect lots of explosive action, gigantic enemies and anger.

Two Sonics in Sonic x Shadow Generations

In the fall of 2024 you can run wild again with Sonic. What am I saying, two Sonics. It’s Sonic Generations from 2011, but with Shadow. The game is not only coming to PlayStation 5, but also to PS4.

Metro: Exodus is getting a sequel in VR

Metro: Exodus has a sequel of sorts and it will appear on VR. It’s Metro: Awakening, a game in which you delve into the underground depths of, well, hell again, but in VR, which makes it even more exciting. Would you like to return to Russia? You can enjoy the Russian underground later this year, but when exactly is still unclear.

Rise of the Ronin throws you into the Edo period

One of the games we at the editorial office are most looking forward to is Rise of the Ronin. Want to step into the shoes of an icy killer wandering around Japan in the 19th century? We really can’t wait, especially since a lot of attention is being paid to the character himself. And there’s a flamethrower, so what more do you want to know? Rise of the Ronin will be released on PS5 on March 22.

Dragon’s Dogma 2 is coming in March

Dragon’s Dogma will be released on March 22 and to add some fuel to the hype fire, Capcom has released a new trailer. It’s medieval, it’s action and there’s a lot of fantasy involved: it looks good. Dragon’s Dogma 2 will be released on PlayStation 5, PC and Xbox Series X.

Until Dawn is getting a remaster

The horror game with Hayden Panettiere and Rami Malek, among others, has stories, is fantastic and has been a big hit for years. Many fans are happy to hear that this game is also getting a remaster. It will be released later this year on PlayStation 5 and PC.

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