​Snapchat subscription Snapchat Plus has 3 million subscribers

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There are now 1.7 billion Bitmoji

​Snapchat subscription Snapchat Plus has 3 million subscribers

Snapchat announced today that the service now has 3 million paying subscribers. The Snapchat Plus subscription (at 4 euros per month) has been around since June 2022 (it has been available in the Netherlands since August). In addition, the social medium came up with more facts.


For example, people would regularly call via Snapchat because they enjoy using their Bitmoji – in addition to the famous augmented reality lenses, of course. According to the streaming service, that’s 100 million minutes a day. For example, you can sit in the same window with each other, each being a fish or you can be in a car together. New is that you can also do puzzles together and play games, to make it even more entertaining.

Stories will be provided with new formats. It’s about After Dark and Flashbacks. In the case of After Dark, you can hang out with your friends in a Story, only learning in the morning what everyone has done in the story. Then there’s Flashbacks, where you get memories (a bit like Facebook and Google Photos do).

Share Location on Snapchat

In addition, location sharing will also become more interesting. In 2022 it became possible to temporarily share your location, but you can now also turn it on permanently. In principle, this function is always off, but if you are friends with someone (and that friendship has also been confirmed by both) then you can choose which friends can see it. Snapchat is becoming a bit more public anyway, it seems: if you are over 18, you can put your own public story on Snapchat. So you get the choice between a Story for your friends or for the whole world to see.

Snapchat’s basemap is being updated, because Snapchatters can now work with a 3D map for the first time, on which you can see the Statue of Liberty or the Santa Monica pier in 3D, for example. Moreover, there is a new way to discover restaurants, because it says ‘popular last night’, if a lot was snapped from those restaurants. According to Snapchat, this makes it 18 percent more likely that someone will visit the restaurant. Not a bad score.


Snapchat is popular, among other things, because you can create your own Bitmoji character on it, which helps to express emotions. Marvel clothing coming soon to Bitmoji. Nice for comic geeks, because 74 percent of Snapchatters let their Bitmoji carry the same brands as they do in real life. There are currently 1.7 billion Bitmoji, up from 1 billion a year ago.

Good news for industrious creators, because Spotlight, the place where Snapchat showcases talented Snapchatters and new trends, has 350 million users every month. In addition, it has the 523 project, which helps creatives earn money. For example, it helped a group of 25 black people to increase their Snap success. In addition, there is the Snap Sounds Creator Fund, with which it sponsors more than 100 independent artists. By the way, you are not just sponsored by Snap, as an influencer you must have 50,000 followers, have 25 million Snap views per month and share at least 10 Stories per month.

augmented reality

We recently wrote that Microsoft Teams will use Snapchat lenses, but Samsung Galaxy has been equipped with Snap AR for a while. The Samsung Galaxy lens has been used more than 4.5 billion times. Finally, there are two innovations coming to Snapchat, namely more augmented reality at concerts: Kygo will give a concert in the summer of 2023 in which all kinds of objects are projected in the hall via AR. In addition, there is the Live Garment Transfer which again has everything to do with clothing. You take a picture of the clothes you’re wearing and the AI ​​then turns it into an augmented reality lens. In any case, augmented reality remains a spearhead of the social medium: 2 out of 3 Snapchatters are working on it every day.

And Snap’s ChatGPT colleague, MyAI, which can count on more than 2 million chats per day (!). In any case, Snapchat is working hard and especially in the field of AR it seems to be keeping pace, partly with the recently announced ray-tracing, for example, but also with the ease with which people can choose their own lenses. create with the Snapchat Lens Studio.

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