SMEs such as bakers and saunas will soon be able to apply for energy support

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Companies that use a lot of energy for their production, the so-called energy-intensive small and medium-sized enterprises, can apply for an allowance for energy costs from the government from 21 March. These include, for example, plant breeders, bakeries and saunas.

Various conditions have been set. For example, energy costs must amount to at least 7 percent of turnover. In addition, it must be a company from the SME sector, where the number of employees and turnover are taken into account.

The compensation amounts to 50 percent of the increase in energy costs above a set so-called threshold price. The maximum reimbursement amount is 160,000 euros. The scheme also applies to certain foundations and associations.

The scheme was delayed because the government only wants to give the aid to a defined group of entrepreneurs and then had to obtain EU permission for this form of state aid.

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