Smart tips to repair your laptop in the event of a defect

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Laptop broken

After you open the laptop, the screen remains eerily black in color. There appears to be a defect. What do you do in such a case? Do you order a new laptop as quickly as possible, do you initially try to get the laptop working again yourself or do you opt for an ASUS or, for example, MacBook repair at a local repairer? Although it may be tempting to order a new laptop, this is often not necessary. By having your laptop repaired, you not only save money, but you also choose the most sustainable solution. In this article you can read more about your options.

Step 1: Try to repair the laptop yourself

Your laptop’s battery may be completely empty and you can no longer charge it. This may be due to accumulated dirt, which negatively affects the operation of the charging connector. You can solve the problem yourself by cleaning the charging connector with compressed air or, for example, a toothpick. Replacing the charger can also help turn the laptop back on. For example, try your sister’s or parents’ charger.

Always check whether the lights on your laptop come on when you switch it on or connect it to the power supply. The battery may be working properly, but the screen may be broken.

Step 2: Make sure all updates have been performed

Does the laptop turn on again, but does it not work stably? For example, is the laptop very slow, or does it freeze constantly? This may be due to updates that have yet to be performed. Both Windows and OS X have a function to check the laptop for updates. Please note that this only concerns updates for the operating system. You can update specific applications via the App Store (OS X), the Microsoft Store (Windows) or the website of a provider of specific applications.

Step 3: choose a local laptop repair

Does cleaning the charging connector and performing the updates have insufficient effect? Does the laptop still not turn on, or does it remain slow? In that case, opt for a laptop repair. A repair is generally much cheaper than replacing the laptop. Most of the parts may still work properly and replacing the battery or charging connector is sufficient to solve the problem. You can then move forward again.

There are several local repairers who can carry out such a repair for you. Take a good look at the service offered. There are repairers who work on a no cure, no pay basis. This means that you pay nothing if a repair proves to be impossible or does not solve the problem. Also pay attention to the speed at which repairs to the laptop are carried out. With some parties, a repair can be completed within thirty minutes if you make an appointment in advance. This is much faster than if you were to send a laptop to the manufacturer.

This article was produced in collaboration with The Phone Lab

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