Smart home, smartphone, but what exactly is a smart car?

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You know Tesla, self-driving cars are in the making, and in fact all car brands now offer an electric car. Precisely by offering these cars more and more driver assistance, you could speak of cars becoming increasingly smarter. But what exactly can you expect from a smart car?

Of course you also know the smart brand: those super small cars that the brand came with a long time ago, but smart has now really become a lot smarter. They make electric SUVs, like the #1. It’s a good example of a smart car (pun intended). For example, this car has lane assist and you can use the AI ​​voice assistant to ask the car certain questions.


Is that what the smart car is? A car that, thanks to artificial intelligence, has a brain, so to speak? We think so. While in the smart home category we mainly look at whether something has an app and whether it is connected to the internet in a certain way, things are slightly different with cars. They are only really smart if they can help you properly. After all, as a driver there is already enough to be busy with: safety and eyes on the road are of course the most important. Handy if your car knows your habits better and better.

Discovering patterns and habits; that’s what AI is good at. When you get into the car in the morning to go to work, you may want to know which calendar appointments you have. And maybe you want to listen to a quieter radio station in the morning than the talking DJs that entertain you during the afternoon traffic jam. A smart car gets to know you and your behavior, and may even be able to create profiles, so that one driver reacts differently than another. Useful.

AI to the rescue

A smart car also plays an important role in accidents. You now see it happening in wearables, for example: if you fall or are involved in a crash, the watch can detect this and ask if you are okay. If you do not respond in time, the emergency services will be called. Such systems are already in cars and can make the difference between life and death. So it is certainly not just that it is comfortable for the motorist to drive a smart car: the smart part can therefore have much more impact.

We are curious what the future will bring us: can the smart car of the future surprise us? If you are looking for a modern car, this is a good time to buy one. The government makes it smart to invest in a fully electric car: you get a lot of subsidies for it. That subsidy was supposed to decrease significantly in 2024, but fortunately this rule has been reversed. Reason enough to buy an electric and probably smart car now, because in 2025 things will be different in terms of subsidies. Maybe you will choose the new smart 3! And the best thing about smart cars is that they get their updates automatically: very smart.

This article was produced in collaboration with smart.

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